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Welcome to Fund II Rating of Microfinance Institutions


The Rating Fund closed its operations on 30.06.2012. The rating reports financed by the Fund in its two phases, over the period 2002-2012, are available to the general public in the Rating Reports section. A summary of the Fund's achievements and statistics can be seen in the (Bulletin #6)

The Fund carried out studies on the framework for ratings of microfinance institutions to identify best practice at the level of regulators, supervisors, rating agencies, MFIs, investors and other users, in five countries in the region: Bolivia, Ecuador, Mexico, Nicaragua and Peru, countries which in late 2010 represented 57% of the microcredit portfolio of the region.

Based on the findings of these studies and the experience gained during its operation, the Fund’s administrators prepared a document entitled “Regulatory Framework for Risk Rating of Microfinance Institutions in Latin America”, outlining the requirements and principles that could help to improve the regulatory framework for MFIs ratings in the region. This document aims to support the efforts by public policy makers and industry leaders, on the nature, scope, limitations, content, and use of rating reports in microfinance, both credit ratings and institutional assessments.

For more information about the Fund II, please contact us.


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